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Camera Surveillance Systems

Camera Surveillance Systems / Retail Analytics Software

Camera Surveillance systems provide unmatched security, and new ultra-high definition cameras are amazingly affordable. These cameras offer day and night vision, both indoors and out.


With smartphone capability on all models, there’s no better way to protect yourself and your assets.

From single TVs to Multi-TV in-store systems, ECI is there for you.

Hikvision Corporation

Hikvision is the worlds largest & most advanced surveillance camera and retail software analytics provider.

Would you have an interest in speaking directly with one of Hikvision retail analytics experts ? Please contact ECI (561-416-5880) to arrange for a truly advanced learning experience.


Traditional camera image recording & surveillance to new 4K-Ultra Hi-Definition recording & software analytics Systems.

Installation & Service

  • ECI uses only national code approved equipment & wiring.
  • Our national network of Installation & Service technicians are highly qualified, experienced individuals that treat your project with meticulous care.
  • Because every ECI technician is local to each project future service is always immediately available.


  • ECI only partners with the “best of brand” industry and technology leaders. Utilized our decades of experience to immediately elevate your brand.
  • Our installation technicians are extremely qualified, experienced individuals who understand working in your store environment requires skill, cleanliness, and attention to detail.

Need help? Incorporate ECI’s free design services into the planning stage of your store design.