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Direct View LED Panels

Seamless Direct View LED Panels


Direct View LED panels come in standard Curve, Slim and Wrap displays and are built to your unique design requirements. All models are designed from the end user’s perspective and share 7 Signature Attributes:



With a profile of less than 4 inches, Direct View LED Panels can be installed on virtually any surface without being obtrusive.



Direct View LED Panels can often be installed as easily as hanging a large work of art. This can reduce installation expense and structural challenges.


Brilliant Image Quality

Direct View LED Panels produce bright, rich, consistent color and superior off-axis viewing with no color shift or image distortion.


Low Heat

Low heat emissions allow for long, uninterrupted viewing time and low energy usage.


User Friendly (Plug-and-Play)

Direct View LED Panels integrate seamlessly with existing content management devices, meaning you don’t need special software, hardware or personnel.


Integrated Mounting Hardware

NanoLumens displays feature integrated mounting hardware, so you don’t need additional installation hardware. Choose either direct wall mounting or truss installation.


Eco Friendly

One standard-sized LED display uses about as much power as a household appliance and plugs directly into a normal 110 volt wall socket. They’re also made of 50% recycled material and can be completely recycled.

Airport LED Cubes

Watch an LED Installation

Watch a 20′ diagonal 4.0mm Pixel LED Wall

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