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Electronic Labels

New Wireless Electronic Info/Pricing Labels

TroniTAG battery-powered labels can be fastened and used anywhere for flexible price display.

Main features

  • Electronic Paper technology display
  • Individually designed templates
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Useable in ambient temperatures from 0 °C to 45 °C
  • High contrast for excellent legibility
  • Active battery monitoring
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Size up to 10 ⅕ inches

Technical Explanation


The server connects the ESL client’s software to the cash-register system
and it transfers the data to the gateway.

ESL Client

Dealers can monitor and control the ESL system (tag’s status, information about the product, display’s templates, etc.).


The gateway transmits information to the tag and it also detects the battery’s status, fault notifications and activities in the network.


The tag shows information about the products and prices and communicates with the gateway. The display’s functions are: information about the product,special prices, coloured display, bar code, price and graphics.

Rails and adapters

The huge number of rails and adapters allows the troniTAG ESL to be fastened to almost all types of shelves and in all the point of sale’s areas.


With rails and shelf edge backing profiles you can fasten battery and integrated labels on almost every shelf. The battery label’s flexibility satisfies all of your needs. It is possible to show the price of almost any product in any place by means of combining the label with acrylic posts or stands, displays, hooks, hangers, clamps and floor stands. We can also make a quite individual label holder for you on request. The label
can be freely programmable in order to offer further fields of use for the series of battery-powered labels. The labels typically enable you to use them as notices or door signs.

Electronic Rail System (ERS) – Rails for Integrated Labels

The rails are completely made from plastic (PVC). The colour of the back can be adapted individually. Our partners allow us to rely on a comprehensive assortment of shelf-fasteners; whereby the troniTAG rails can be fastened to any type of shelf.

The transparent front of the rail protects the label from water, dirt, dust and third-party access; it also enables the electronic price label to be seen unrestrictedly. Furthermore, it is possible to read the bar code with a scanner through the rail, which can support control of the goods in stock in particular.


ESL Gateway

  • Wireless controller for IEEE 802.15.4
  • Controlled by the ESL client via the ethernet interface
  • It offers extended RF standards: IR UVW, Bluetooth and WLAN
  • Rapid transfer of data and a real-time location system (RTLS)
  • Simple installation

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