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Interactive Touch Video Systems

Today’s Touch Screens

Single Screen



ECI is an authorized dealer for every major touch screen manufacturer – and there’s quite a variety! We offer single screen portrait and landscape monitors, recessed/built-in screens, and can even make entire Video Walls touch screen interactive.


How would your store look different with new inlaid countertop multi-touch “Surface” video screens?

Internet Connectivity

Provides an Internet portal to your website or allows your customers to see your total Inventory – not just what’s in your store.


Get Customer Information

Ask for customer information for future Marketing deplyments


Better engage with your Customers

Create fun & engaging content to elevate the customer “in-store” Experience


Inform your Customers

Reward & show your customers Sales Specials and future or newly releaseb products


Train Employees in Off-Hours

Create a subset videos for employee of training & product knowledge learning


Bring us your ideas

We’ll turn them into reality.

Need help? Incorporate ECI’s free design services into the planning stage of your store design.