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Leasing with NEC Financial Services


NEC Financial Services has been providing customized financing to meet client’s needs for all types of technology solutions for over 30 years. NEC Financial Services will take the time to understand a client’s business, technology requirements and growth strategies so they can structure financing and leasing options to create customized solutions. It’s an advantage to our clients that NEC Financial Services is agile and has the client’s business growth perspective at the core of their decisions. NEC Financial Services understands how technology can help a business grow and can provide flexible financial solutions to ensure you have the technology you need. For more information: neclease.com

100% Technology Financing

We will help finance your complete technology environment from hardware to software and everything in between.

Purchase Options

Depending on equipment type and lease terms available purchase options can be negotiated and include $1.00 option, Flex 10 and Fair Market Value.

Payment Terms

Depending on equipment type lease terms can be as short as 12 months or as long as 6 years.

Lease Upgrades & Add-ons

NEC Financial Services provides cost effective upgrade and add-on alternatives to existing lease coterminous with original monthly term.

Customized Leasing

Individually tailored financing terms of each category of equipment to meet specific needs by providing separate lease schedules. In other words, one schedule might have a 5-year term, while another has a more appropriate 3-year term.

Customized Billing

Another advantage to multiple schedules is that the billing location for each schedule can vary. This is advantageous when costs need to be allocated to separate departments, divisions or budgets. Master billing can still be provided.

Multiple Installations

Separate schedules also enable a lease to be commenced on part of the entire purchased system or systems while the balance of equipment is still pending.

Maintenance Financing

NEC Financial Services provides financing for long-term maintenance agreements. This allows our customers to make one payment that includes the equipment financing and the associated maintenance.

Keep Your Cash And Finance The Equipment You Need Now!

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