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Ralph Lauren

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ECI designs, implements and services innovative audio and video systems in all the Polo stores across the country and Ralph Lauren’s corporate headquarters.




Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in its dream. The company was the innovator of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and was also the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. American style and quality has always been synonymous with Ralph Lauren and that image and reputation rings true today and with every expectation it will continue well into the future.




As a mega brand, Ralph Lauren continually reinforces the Polo brand through distinctive marketing programs including the introduction of new concept stores and the continual evolution of in-store signage and messaging. To showcase its success and the power of its image, Ralph Lauren embarked on an initiative to completely renovate and re-launch its five-story Flagship store at 888 Madison Avenue in New York City. As a company known for its style and creativity, Ralph Lauren needed a national audio/video company that not only understood its objectives and vision but could also design and deliver systems that would enhance the overall brand experience. Ultimately the goal was to “wow” customers and the industry with the same innovation and quality for which the Ralph Lauren name is known.




Ralph Lauren’s new flagship store, affectionately called “The Mansion,” has been hailed by many as one of the most spectacular retail spaces in the world. The unique design and artfully created spaces throughout the store required implementing audio/video systems that would not interfere with the overall design elements, yet still provide the ability to deliver customized marketing content throughout the entire store. Their marketing department wanted the ability to centrally control which content was distributed throughout each individual department. As a company known for its technical prowess as well as its own marketing innovation, ECI knew it had to also engage in “future planning”. This extra effort would enable Ralph Lauren to continue to evolve and enhance its retail spaces with advanced audio and video content as the newest technology becomes available.




PoloVideo3 300ECI worked with the architects, interior designers and general contractors renovating Ralph Lauren’s New York City Flagship Mansion to create one of the most highly acclaimed retail spaces in the world. ECI designed and installed all the audio, video, and computer access for the entire store. As a unique design element, ECI vertically installed all of the video screens in each of the store’s 12 departments in “portrait mode.” While being visually innovative, the setup requires customized content creation to display on the screens. ECI taught Ralph Lauren’s digital design department how to create just such customized content. ECI also anticipated Ralph Lauren’s future need for additional screens and pre-wired the store with multiple additional locations including audio, video and internet feeds that can be used as the needs arise. Each department within Ralph Lauren’s Mansion was designed to have its own sound system so that the marketing department can deliver specific advertising messages and music to each one. In addition, all were to be controlled from one central location.


ECI believes the high tech experience should artfully work with and never interfere in the overall design element of a space. ECI wanted the sound systems throughout the Mansion to be crisp and clear, yet not conflict with the visual appeal. ECI installed invisible speakers into the walls and hid its audio components to ensure the esthetics, design and look of the retail space remained intact. While some video screens were installed on the aisles others above fireplaces, and some speakers were positioned near the stunning chandelier, all of the technology was skillfully designed and embedded to keep the integrity of space’s innate beauty.




Ralph Lauren engaged ECI early in the architectural planning stages of its new Flagship store in New York City to ensure the audio and video elements integrated functionally and beautifully into the finished work. ECI worked closely with the designers, architects, engineers, contractors, trade personnel and the corporate staff of Ralph Lauren to design, develop and install systems that Ralph Lauren could be proud of today and in the future. Where Ralph Lauren’s customers are invited to take part in the Polo dream, ECI also helped to create a dream environment for both Ralph Lauren and it’s customers. They are now rolling out some of these same audio/video concepts, such as the portrait screens with custom content and invisible speakers, in some of Ralph Lauren’s branch stores throughout the world.