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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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The House that Rock Built® presented a unique challenge; design and install an AV system with the sound visitors would expect and meet the architects’ aesthetic requests.




Over 1 million people annually visit The House that Rock Built in downtown Cleveland, Ohio to pay tribute to those who made rock `n roll the force it is in our culture. Designed by world-class architect I.M. Pei, the geometric steel and glass structure “echoes the energy of rock.” The 150,000 square foot museum houses artifacts, a 30-minute film and interactive exhibits as well as a library, archives and educational programs.




It is an understatement to say that The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum needed to have the most advanced and highest quality audio and video systems available. When showcasing the works of such legends as Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino and the like, visitors are expecting to hear and see their favorite classics as if they were live at a concert. “Rock and roll is about energy,” as expressed by the museum’s architect I.M. Pei, and ECI’s objective was to convey the electricity and excitement that’s felt when you’re standing in the middle of a concert venue.




The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum presented a unique challenge: to install audio and video equipment that would deliver the high quality sound a visitor would expect to hear, without intruding on the space while artfully blending in with the unique architectural design of the building.




RnR3 300Knowing the importance of sound and video quality for such a project, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum turned to the experience, knowledge and professionalism of ECI to design and implement the entire audio-video system.


ECI worked with the architect and designers of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to skillfully and discretely place the audio equipment so that it delivered crisp, clear sound while remaining unnoticeable to the eye. ECI chose Bose’s small white cubes and hidden Panaray sub woofers that beautifully blend into the tubular white steel and glass structure, while offering the highest quality and clarity of sound.


For the outdoor system, ECI installed 22 Rockistic high-end full range speakers and sub woofers that are hidden in the landscaping, allowing visitors to hear their favorite music throughout the entire property, from entrance to exit. Both interior and exterior systems use Crown Amplifiers to pump up the volume as visitors enjoy the sights. ECI also built and installed a massive video wall to greet visitors at the main entrance, setting the tone, style and energy for the rest of their experience at the museum.




ECI engineered the first sights and sounds experienced upon entering the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with audio and video systems that help to take millions of visitors throughout their musical journey. Enthusiasts are treated to the crisp, clean and clear sounds of the music rooted in jazz, Dixieland, gospel and blues while they explore the museum, experiencing the architectural metaphor of rock’s rebellious nature and energy. When quality of sound was never more important, ECI accepted the challenge and delivered systems that would make the Kings and Queens of Rock proud!