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Saks Fifth Avenue

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ECI Communications with the help of DMI upgraded Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store with audio equipment and private label content. Saks’ other locations followed.




Horace Saks and Bernard Gimbel opened their “Dream Store” on September 15, 1924 with the intention to create a unique specialty store that would become synonymous with fashionable, gracious living. 80 years later, Saks is a shopping empire with its flagship store still located at 611 Fifth Ave. in NYC where they occupy all ten floors.




Starting with the flagship store, Saks needed a national audio / video company to design and install new systems in their stores without disrupting business hours. They were looking for a system that is clear at moderately low volume to play branded content and music that is a cut above the usual fare played in stores.




A main location in the flagship store hosts 5 audio sources: executive microphone / paging system, 2 zones of private label radio, an automatic store-closing message and a back-up CD changer. The system relies upon Bose for full, clear sound and intelligible paging, Rane Commercial and Crown for quiet but powerful capabilities and DMI private label content and messaging.




Today, Saks Fifth Avenues’ 5th Avenue store is a technology flagship! ECI Communication has rolled out the spectacular state-of-the-art sound system and professionally produced content to other locations. The system provides a sophisticated audio shopping experience that is uniquely Saks. It both continues and enhances the legendary service and style that has become synonymous with Saks Fifth Avenue.